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Meet the team

Introducing the wonderful team that makes the dog-magic happen .......

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As a kid I'd borrow dogs to take walking - desperate to have one of my own. As an adult I may have overcompensated! 

Three dogs at home and multiple dog businesses and still room for more.

I like to ski, garden, travel and DIY and have five kids.

I love that my job involves working with great people, dogs galore, and being part of a female-led business.

I manage finance, compliance, construction and business development for Boom Rock Dogs. I am driven to deliver dog daycare that is the highlight of your dogs week. 

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A temporary dog daycare position ten years ago has morphed into co-owning a business. What a wonderful leap of faith that was!

With a cluster of gorgeous grandkids and my grown up kids still living nearby, I love spending time with family. 

 I enjoy travelling, gardening and going to shows.

I keep the ship running by managing daily operations, payroll, PR and supporting our wonderful team.

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Admin Extraordinaire

A career change from healthcare to doggy admin when my beautiful daughter Briar was born. 

A busy working mum, I enjoy running, baking & gardening. 

I manage the new dog enquiries, bookings and accounts. 



Team Leader - The Farm

I grew up in Wellington with a passion for animals and animal welfare. 

After completing my studies in animal care, I gained experience, knowledge & confidence working in daycare & grooming business locally. I find getting to know your dogs and caring for them, very rewarding and I look forward to working with the Boom Rock dogs!



Dog Handler - The Farm

Dogs have been a part of my life since I was 6 years old, and I've had a passion for them ever since.

I've previously spent around 3 1/2 years working at Boom Rock Dogs and after a short break, I couldn't resist the dogs calling me back.
When I’m not spending my time with animals I’ll be outside either in my garden or off on an adventure!
I’m stoaked to be back with the Boom Rock Dogs family and look forward seeing to all the old and new faces in the pack

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Dog Handler - The Farm

I'm a Welli local who has always had a dog in the house.

I've always been an animal lover - from the smallest bug to the biggest dog. After raising a service dog I realised my passion lies with working with dogs.  

In my free time I love being outdoors and doing anything artsy crafty I possibly can! 

I love being aboard the Boom Rock team - working with each dog's unique personality and smiley face.

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Team Leader - Nature Park

Dogs and animals are my absolute passion in life and I've worked with them for ages.

I have an extensive background in kennelling and pet retail.

I love to travel overseas in my spare time when I can.

I've been involved with the Nature Park site right from the beginning which has been great. 

All the new dogs that have joined the crew - some real characters! Watching them come through the gate on their first day and have a blast is awesome.

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Dog Hander - Nature Park

Following my passion for animals I studied and passed my Level 3 Animal Care Certificate at Weltec. Then I came to work at Boom Rock Dogs. 

In my spare time I like to draw, play guitar, and snuggle up at home with my cat Billi.

Working with all kinds of different pups is an absolute dream, and I love every single one of them! 

It's a real privilege to care for all the dogs and help them have a great experience every day they're with us. 

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Dog Handler - Nature Park

I began my dog journey with my own pack walking business in Wellington for six years. 

In 2022 I joined the Boomrock team as a reliever for Adventure Walks and the daycare sites.

I am now full-time at Nature Park and love it!

With four kids at home ranging in age from primary school to university and a menagerie of pets. Life is very busy and full of adventures.

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Team Leader - Fox Cottage

We always had dogs growing up and I have Mila who is a Maltese X.

In my spare time I'm either at the gym, with friends or family, or out on the water fishing.

I've been working at Boom Rock Dogs for four years. I enjoy working with all kinds of breeds and I love how all the individual personalities shine through. 

I'm excited to be leading the new team at Fox Cottage and welcoming the all little Boom Rockers to the new site.



Dog Handler - Fox Cottage

Dogs have been my obsession ever since I was 3 when we adopted our first dog, Sassy from the SPCA. Ever since then I have never lived without a dog and I wouldn't wish it any other way.

My favourite thing about working at Boom Rock Dogs is seeing how excited the dogs get when I arrive to pick them up. Although work is my happy place, in my spare time my favourite things to do include absolutely anything crafty (especially crochet), reading and going on any sort of adventures.  

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Dog Handler - Fox Cottage

I've always had a strong passion and love for animals and their welfare.

I have gained my certificate in Animal
Care and Animal Technology and aim to complete my diploma in veterinary nursing.

In my spare time I enjoy going on walks, spending time with my family and friends, and baking.

I miss our family Labradoodle who lives in Auckland, but get my 'dog-fix'   at Boom Rock Dogs - lots of unique fur babies to hang out with.

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I was roped into a few odd maintenance jobs as some of my family members work for Boom Rock Dogs.

Before I knew it I was Run-About Richard!

In my spare time I enjoy cooking, spending time with family and watching sports.

Proving that age is no barrier, I'm the man on the ground for vehicle logistics, deliveries, team support and general handyman bits.

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Dog Guru / Plant Advisor

I'm a lifelong animal lover with a background in vet nursing. I have a wealth of experience with dog daycare, training and boarding. 

I like to keep my home and garden looking lovely in my spare time.

I'm on hand for the Boom Rock Dogs team if they need advice about dog behaviour and training.

And I lend my green fingers to the gardens and the planting on the farm. 

Semi retired (but strangely as busy as ever!) I love passing my knowledge on to our younger team members. 



Mr Swiss-Army-Knife 

Exchanging carpenters tools for leashes and poopy bags wasn’t something I would have considered a few years ago, but life takes mysterious turns!

I'm the Boom Rock guy for building, relieving, maintenance - there's always a project underway and I can turn my hand to just about anything.

Pets - I've had them all. Cats, dogs, guinea pigs, rabbits and even a snake (in Canada). But its dogs that hold a special place in my heart. 

It’s exciting meeting and spending time with all the Boom Rock dogs and supporting the team.

How we roll ...

We're absolute advocates for outdoor daycare for dogs. 


Putting lots of dogs in a building for the day just doesn't fit with our ethos for providing dog daycare that fully meets the needs of your dog - the body, mind and senses. 


At Boom Rock Dogs we do things a little differently from everyone else.


We get wet, we get dirty (and then clean), we dig, we swim, we poke about in the bushes, we run .... and run .... and run. All the best bits about being a dog.


We know hand-on-heart that dogs that attend our daycare services benefit immensely from the stimulating environment, fresh air and sunshine, and the attention of our kind & caring staff. 


We pride ourselves on offering fantastic service tailored to meet the needs of our customers and their much loved pets.

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